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Next Door Offer

50% Off your first month pool cleaning Today we are offering Nextdoor app users 50% Off their first month pool service. Our current rates are $110 for a screened in pool and $120 for an unscreened pool. We not only clean pools but we repair them as well. Our troubleshooting and repair is second to…
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What’s the best automatic pool cleaner on Amazon?

So this question is somewhat easily answered. In this article we will NOT be talking about robotic cleaners. They can be somewhat superior in some instances but can also be out cleaned by less expensive models IF you know what you're doing. So I'm going to teach you a little about selecting the best vacuum…
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Jewelscapes Bling Bling!

There isn't a surface out there that you will see that can compare to the flashy, sparkling Jewelscapes (R) from NPT. This surface is packed full of smooth, colorful glass beads. These beads simulate sparkling gems inside a stunning durable interior pool finish. The dazzling color choices will most certainly give YOUR pool a one…
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Pebble Surfaces

If you are looking for the most durable surface in the pool industry today then you are highly unlikely to find anything stronger than pebble surfaces. Pebble products started out a loooong time ago with a products called Pebbletec (tm) It's still around today but the name will cost you. We use a product by…
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Quartz Pool Surfaces

The very first quartz surface that I can remember was Diamondbrite (tm). That name has now become synonymous with all quartz surfaces much like Band Aid (tm) is with plastic bandages. Today there are many different quartz surface manufacturers to choose from. Although we can pretty much get any quartz surface you want we use…
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If you are looking for a Fiberglass pool Installation in Orlando here is a great place to start. We have many models to choose from including fiberglass spas. These spas will spill over into to the pool to give it a nice waterfall effect. When you look at a pool you see the deck and overall shape of the pool.

Installing a fiberglass pool and spa has many advantages over a gunite pool. The first of which is quality control. This is because they are built in an enclosed factory with basically the same employees over and over again. The pool finish will be absolutely uniform unlike gunite pool surfaces that may have streaks and blotchy areas depending on the surface type, application crew, finish acid wash or water wash. Secondly, short installation time being less than a month from start to finish with some in as little as 2 weeks. Surface durability lasting well over 20 years before needing a gelcoat (like they do on boats.) Chemicals last longer because it is impervious unlike gunite. Baby smooth surface that keeps algae from clinging and forming. Take it from a pool guy who's cleaned over 100,000 since I've started.

When friends and relatives come to your house the WOW factor of a pool is the deck, water features and lights. What you save on the pool itself you can add to the WOW factor. We are offering $1000 off to the first customer of the spring in 2019. Once you see this offer gone from this site it is gone until 2020.

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Pool Resurfacing – Make your pool GREAT again Orlando

Remodel a Swimming Pool Project Cost Powered by     Here is the average cost for pool resurfacing in Orlando, Florida¬†according to HomeAdvisor Projects. On the day of the announcement of our new President, we are running specials until the end of 2016 for swimming pool resurfacing. This applies to any standard quartz surface up…
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Preparing your Swimming Pool for a Hurricane

If you know someone that may find this information useful please click Google+ or Like on Facebook. Do you really need to drain your pool before a hurricane? Many people call us and ask about preparing your pool for a hurricane. The most common question is weather or not to drain your pool. The short…
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Reputable swimming pool service companies

If you're out of our service area please look at one of these companies first when deciding on a pool service company. Some of these people I know personally and they will treat your with extra special care. Just let 'em know you found them through this link page. Acquablue Pools - Clermont, FL Everblue…
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Swimming Pool Products and Resources

These links are swimming products and services that we currently offer and use: CDC - Pool Disease Safety Pool Safety Resource - Baby fences and swimming lessons for babies and toddlers CL Industries - Various¬†pool surfaces for resurfacing Premix Marbletite - Quartz and Pebble surfaces NPT - Everything for pool remodeling Safetron - Handrails, ladders…
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