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DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 6: Skim Surface

Skim the pool water surface using a net. As you make your way around the pool, move the net from the wall out to the center of the pool and back in overlapping rows. Ensure that the water is always traveling into the mouth of the net. I recommend using a leaf rake net because…
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DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 7: Empty Pump Basket

Steps to Empty Pump Basket: Turn pump off at the timer. Unscrew the clear lid on the pump. Empty the pump basket and be sure not to let leaves and debris fall into the pump trap when removing the basket. Clear any debris from bottom of the trap to avoid clogging the impeller. Make sure…
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DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 8: Clean Filter

Proper filtration will take care of cloudy water and rapid algae growth. The more filtration the better, especially when the water gets warm. For a screened-in pool under 20,000 gallons you will need to run your filter at least 8 to 10 hours a day. For larger pools, unscreened pools or pools with frequent and…
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DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 9: Adjust Pool Chemistry

Take your written test results from Step 2: Test Water and enter them into the Water Balance Calculator. If you do not know the volume of your pool, you will need to calculate that.  By following the link, you will find a calculator to help you with that too. Follow the simple instructions for the Water…
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I have been servicing and repairing pools since 1993 so I have seen a wide variety of things in people's backyards.  I have seen pools in all shades of green and black and I have found strange things in pools too (a box spring!). Today tops the list of "Most Interesting Pets" I have met…
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Heat Pump Installation: A Central Florida Pool Service

This service call started out as a heat pump repair.  I discovered that the compressor was bad and worked with a local HVAC company to verify the worn compressor.  The cost of repairing/replacing an old compressor is quite high so the homeowner opted to purchase a new heat pump. As you can see from the picture, I temporarily…
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Pool Service Orlando: A Light Bulb Replacement

Today I changed this burned out pool light bulb.  In general this is a normal repair that does not require pool draining.  Most lights are equipped with enough cord so they can be pulled up onto the pool deck during repairs. Shown above in the first picture is the light containing the burned out bulb, the…
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Orlando Pool Drain Catastrophe

Pool Drain Nightmare This is by far the worst pool pop I have ever seen. Many times when a pool pops up it may only move less than a foot or two.  This pool is elevated on one end a whopping 52 inches! This was a very unusual pool pop because a majority of the time it…
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DE Tank: Annual Cleaning from an Orlando Pool Care Specialist

Pictured above is the inside of a DE tank pool filter.  This type of filter requires annual maintenance to clean the filter grids.  The DE powder is sprayed off of the grids; I then apply degreaser to them and reassemble the filter.  This process takes about an hour and a half and the cost is $85.  As you…
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Pool Plumbing Orlando – Check Valve Replacement

check valve replacement Today I replaced a check valve.  This little device prevents the water in your swimming pool system from flowing in the wrong direction.  If you have an issue with your spa draining when your pool shuts off, it is due to a malfunction of the flapper inside the check valve.  This is a good indication that your…
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