This is my test page where I talk all about fiberglass pools and what you can expect.

Fiberglass pools are awesome! Don't you wish you could have one. I know you can't resist. There is sooooo much cool things I can say.

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Pool Resurfacing – Make your pool GREAT again Orlando

Remodel a Swimming Pool Project Cost Powered by     Here is the average cost for pool resurfacing in Orlando, Florida according to HomeAdvisor Projects. On the day of the announcement of our new President, we are running specials until the end of 2016 for swimming pool resurfacing. This applies to any standard quartz surface up…
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Preparing your Swimming Pool for a Hurricane

If you know someone that may find this information useful please click Google+ or Like on Facebook. Do you really need to drain your pool before a hurricane? Many people call us and ask about preparing your pool for a hurricane. The most common question is weather or not to drain your pool. The short…
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Reputable swimming pool service companies

If you're out of our service area please look at one of these companies first when deciding on a pool service company. Some of these people I know personally and they will treat your with extra special care. Just let 'em know you found them through this link page. Acquablue Pools - Clermont, FL Everblue…
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Swimming Pool Products and Resources

These links are swimming products and services that we currently offer and use: CDC - Pool Disease Safety Pool Safety Resource - Baby fences and swimming lessons for babies and toddlers CL Industries - Various pool surfaces for resurfacing Premix Marbletite - Quartz and Pebble surfaces NPT - Everything for pool remodeling Safetron - Handrails, ladders…
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Pool Painting – The Ugly Story

If you learn something by reading this article please hit like at the bottom and share it on whatever social media you use. Thanks. Swimming Pool Painting Many people looking at remodeling their swimming pool think about pool painting. To the inexperienced pool owner this might sound like a great idea. Mostly because they do…
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Pool Cleaning Service in Apopka

Are you searching for the best swimming pool service in Apopka? Professional Poolcare has been performing swimming pool maintenance and repairs for the residents of the City of Apopka for over 20 years. Many other swimming pool cleaning companies have come and gone but we have stood the test of time. Our reviews from our past…
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Cold plunge pool or hot tub? Why not both?

  Cold plunge pool therapy This article applies to those homeowners that are thinking of building a pool with a spa / hot tub or currently have a pool with a spa / hot tub. They may have one or more people that are elderly and have occasional joint pain or perhaps someone younger that trains in some…
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Swimming Pool Heaters in Orlando, FL – Gas, Electric or Solar?

Hayward H-Series gas heater before installation Summit Heat Pump before installation Swimming pool solar panels So many people each year come across the decision making process of purchasing a new swimming pool heater and wonder which way they should go. If you live in Orlando, FL or in the same basic climate this article should…
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Pool Service Davenport

Professional Poolcare is proud to announce pool service in Davenport. Adding a new weekly pool maintenance route in Davenport, Florida means more competition in that area for homeowners. We will be performing pool service and repair in Davenport with a truck that will be based in the heart of  the town. This will give you…
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