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Orlando Pool Pump Repair

Click on the pictures below once for a description and twice for higher resolution. For a majority of pool pump repairs we do near Orlando, replacing the motor is needed. Many people are confused with the terms pump & motor. To explain this, I typically make an analogy to a car. Think of your whole…
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Pool Pumps Orlando – Capacitor

Did your motor just suddenly stop working? It could be just a simple blown capacitor. Instead of testing the capacitors, many Orlando pool companies just tell their customers that the motor needs to be replaced. They just do not have the knowledge of testing for these electrical components. This is especially true for pool cleaning…
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Orlando Swimming Pool Pump Repair

Do you have a noisy swimming pool pump? If your pump sounds like this you have bearings that are worn.  This is usually the cause of water leaking from the shaft seal and getting into the motor to rust out the bearings. Always get leaks fixed ASAP. Shut down your pump until the necessary repairs…
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