Pool Plumbing Orlando – Check Valve Replacement

Pool Plumbing Orlando
check valve replacement

Today I replaced a check valve.  This little device prevents the water in your swimming pool system from flowing in the wrong direction.  If you have an issue with your spa draining when your pool shuts off, it is due to a malfunction of the flapper inside the check valve.  This is a good indication that your pool plumbing Orlando is in need of a new check valve.

The swimming pool check valve that I prefer features unions that allow for easy removal and replacement.  The unions eliminate the need for cutting pipe and lengthy plumbing with installation.  As you can see from the old check valve pictured above, I had to cut it out of the plumbing to replace it.  This will not be necessary with the new check valve.  Also, as shown in the picture, the replacement check valve is transparent and will allow for easy diagnosis of this issue in the future.

Replacing the check valve is something that happens randomly for each pool and is not something that would included in annual swimming pool maintenance regimen. It is however a common issue and I’ve completed this replacement on .  As I mentioned above, the best indicator is a spa that drains when the pool shuts down.

Also if you notice DE powder blowing back into your pool through the main drain or skimmer, installing a check valve will prevent this problem.