Jewelscapes Bling Bling!

There isn’t a surface out there that you will see that can compare to the flashy, sparkling Jewelscapes (R) from NPT. This surface is packed full of smooth, colorful glass beads. These beads simulate sparkling gems inside a stunning durable interior pool finish. The dazzling color choices will most certainly give YOUR pool a one of a kind look that all your friends and neighbors will talk about when they come over for a pool party.

Keep in mind if you’re going for that natural look this is not the pool surface for you. Jewelscapes (R) almost looks like melted precious stones. When you first see a Jewelscapes (R) pool you most certainly do a double take and focus on the sparkling surface to see why it shines so brilliantly. Once you see how classy it looks this will most certainly raise the bar in the products that you’ve been researching for your new look.

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Professional designers will love the fact that there are 4 different variations to choose from classic series, opal series, reflective series and Jewelscapes ONE.

Jewelscapes in Orlando