Pool Tile Repair in Orlando

For various reasons over the years your pool tile may need some sort of repair. We deal with cracks, re-grouting, spa spillways, loose tiles or just removing old tiles and updating it with the latest trends like we have now with glass tile.

One major issue that people have is lateral cracking throughout the tile at the top of the pool. This is commonly known as a pool beam crack. There are different ways for us to rectify the problem by removing the tile, cleaning out the crack and fortifying it with epoxy injections or using expanding hardening foam and even adding re-bar through the deck into the pool beam to help stop the separation. The level of correction obviously has do do with the severity of your beam crack and deck separation.

One might wonder if your pool has to be empty in order for us to do a complete tile installation. Thankfully we do not need to drain the whole pool to repair just your tile, only about a foot. You also don’t have to resurface your pool and replace your tile at the same time either however, you will have a better finished look if you do. The process goes like this:

  • saw cut underneath your tile
  • chip out the old tile
  • install the new tile
  • grout the joints including the area that we saw cut just below the tile.

This area below the tile is underwater so it is barely noticeable especially if we are able to get a good grout match like for a white bottom pool and white grout. If you have a dyed pool surface we would match the bottom of the tile to a matching grout and grout the rest of the tile whatever you chose or the same color. Whatever you like at that point is fine.

Here are some of the tiles currently available as of 8/31/2020 to use for your swimming pool tile update. The two manufacturers we use are National Pool Tile and Tile Supply Inc. If you hover over a tile it will pause the scrolling also you can click the arrows on the right and left to scroll at your own speed.