Quartz Pool Surfaces

The very first quartz surface that I can remember was Diamondbrite ™. That name has now become synonymous with all quartz surfaces much like Band Aid ™ is with plastic bandages. Today there are many different quartz surface manufacturers to choose from.

Although we can pretty much get any quartz surface you want we use NPT Quartzscapes ™ as our main provider. The main reasons are delivery speed, cost and availability. As a result, every color selection we have can be delivered in the same time frame. This is because we mix the batches on site versus the manufacturer mixing it and bagging it at the factory. That is called premix. So since we mix all the bags in our mixer on site we can deliver whatever colors you choose at the same speed because our wholesaler will have these different bags on hand for all of the plasterers in the area to use and mix on site for their different colors.

Therefore, if you go with other premix bag manufacturers and you choose a color that isn’t in stock, then it could take a while before these bags get delivered. This happens all too frequently and holds up the remodel and building process. Who wants their pool remodel to drag on right? So here are the different colors available for a quartz remodel with NPT Quartzscapes ™