Pebble Surfaces

If you are looking for the most durable surface in the pool industry today then you are highly unlikely to find anything stronger than pebble surfaces. Pebble products started out a loooong time ago with a products called Pebbletec ™ It’s still around today but the name will cost you. We use a product by NPT called Stonescapes (tm.) This highly durable, stain resistant, long lasting product should last you 15 to 20 years with good chemistry.

We find these on many high end homes here in Orlando. The look of pebble is a textured classy look that quartz surfaces like our quartzscapes ™ just can’t achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I like quartz products for the budget conscious but if you are looking for something that will put your pool over the top and you have the extra dough then pebble is it.

So you’ve heard the benefits of pebble such as staining and lifespan but a potential drawback is a bumpier surface. Now this isn’t to say that you’ll be stepping on sharp stones and such, however if you’re a tenderfoot then the classic pebble with larger stones (approx 5 mm or less) may start to agitate your feet after a couple of hours of swimming when your feet get soft.

So the answer to that is the happy medium with a little less durability and much smoother feel is mini-pebble. The stones are approx 2 mm and are the exact same mixture as the classic pebble. It’s even the exact same price.

One of the main benefits of pebble is that it hides dirt particles that would normally be seen with the naked eye. The different colored stones trick the eye into thinking that it’s clean. That is a nice thing in between vacuuming.

Check out the colors below: