Pool Resurfacing – Make your pool GREAT again Orlando



Here is the average cost for pool resurfacing in Orlando, Florida according to HomeAdvisor Projects.

On the day of the announcement of our new President, we are running specials until the end of 2016 for swimming pool resurfacing. This applies to any standard quartz surface up to 15′ x 30′ in dimensions for the low price of just $2995. Professional Poolcare is doing our part to get this economy roaring again. Please take advantage of this special because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Prices before spring time go up because of the high demand.

Educate yourself more about resurface options here.

Our company uses a local supplier for our materials to perform pool resurfacing. This is beneficial to customers in a couple of different ways. First we have built a relationship with Premix Marbletite so that their customer service is prompt and outstanding. Secondly, our project manager can see first hand at the factory that the quality of the aggregate mix is up to our standards. Lastly, customer dollars stay circulating in the local community.

There are some pools that require additional surface preparation prior to pool resurfacing that will incur an additional charge of $800. Unfortunately, there is no way for our crew to tell if your pool will need that until we have it drained and actually start chipping away under the tile. If a customer’s pool is deemed necessary for this additional work we will notify them immediately.

For the vast majority of pools that our company works on this added step is unnecessary. Usually the old surface is still hard enough to make a good mechanical bond to the new troweled on surface. If your pool has been green for over 6 months there is a good chance that you may incur this cost.

Check out our local manufacturer’s website for more information on the Marquis aggregate.

Premix Marbletite – Pool Resurfacing

The standard color choices are all that have a white aggregate (the material between all the pebbles.) All other color choices add different pebbles, dyes and admixes to the base which makes them more expensive. Other color choices are up charged by $300-$800 depending on the color you choose and the size of your pool.

Completing this job will take approximately 2 days. The first day will be prepping the pool and the second day will be troweling on the new surface. Afterwards your garden hose is used to fill the pool. Many homeowners can call their water company to ask for a credit. They usually have a procedure for removing the sewage charge on a water bill after pool filling. Our company can provide a letter of the approximate gallons filled to the utility company if needed. Once the pool is filled a service tech will return with the introductory chemicals to set your pool water in balance.

To start your pool resurfacing project we require a 50% deposit to purchase materials and reserve a spot on our schedule. The remaining 50% is due upon completion.

Call us as soon as possible to get an estimate and schedule your swimming pool resurface job.