Acid Wash: Orlando Pool Cleaning and Restoration

If your pool has been uncirculated and green for some time you may have staining on your walls and floor.  Although you may be able to clear up the green pool with chemicals, you may notice staining that will make the pool look dull and ugly.  This makes your pool look uninviting.  If you are trying to sell your house it is essential that your pool be in top condition since it is usually a focal point.  We perform a drain and Orlando pool cleaning with acid wash to accomplish giving your pool the brightest look possible.

  1. The first step in this process is draining and dewatering.  You might think that these two terms mean the same thing but they are very different.  Draining the pool is the process of pumping out all the water in the pool.  We use our own pumps so that the dirty water doesn’t circulate through your equipment.  Dewatering is the process of pumping out all the ground water surrounding the pool.  This is absolutely essential to keep the pool from “popping” up because of the hydraulic pressure of the ground water pushing up on the drained pool.  Think about a heavy boat or ship floating on water.  It is very dangerous for you to drain the pool on your own. When hiring a contractor, make sure they carry pool pop insurance.  A major cost for performing an acid wash is insurance.  Quotes usually range from $495 – $750 depending on size of pool and debris cleanup.  Beware of unusually low quotes as this may be a sign of lack of insurance.  Verify the insurance.  We carry pool pop insurance but have never made a claim.
  2. The second step is cleaning out all of the heavy debris and sludge on the bottom of the pool.  We have seen it all, trust me.
  3. The third step is coating the walls and floor with acid.  This step eats away a small layer of the pool surface and leaves a nice bright finish.  Because of this you want to keep acid washes to a bare minimum in order to prolong your surfaces life.  Improper acid wash techniques will cause irreparable damage to the pool surface.  Hire a knowledgeable contractor with references to have it done right.
  4. The fourth and final step is adding water and balancing the water chemistry.

The whole process before adding water should take 8 – 10 hours. After your Orlando pool cleaning, you can expect to be swimming in a crystal clear pool in just 48 hours.