DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 4: Vacuum

If you have an automatic vacuum with a leaf bag or container, turn off the pump and empty the bag or container. If you don’t have an automatic vacuum it is highly recommend that you get one (click here for vacuum recommendations). This will cut your pool care chores to a bare minimum and keep your pool looking clean for those surprise guests.

Never vacuum piles of leaves that may clog lines. Use a Leaf Rake to remove the majority of leaves first.

To manually vacuum the pool:

  1. Remove the skimmer lid and basket.
  2. Turn pool pump on and skimmer valve on full or ¾ power.
  3. Attach the vacuum head to the pole.
  4. Examine both ends of the vacuum hose (one end should swivel and one end is stationary); attach the swivel end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
  5. Extend pole and put the attached vacuum head with attached hose in the bottom of the pool (keep a hold of the pole and the rest of the hose).
  6. Starting at the vacuum head, you will need to feed the hose into the water to fill the middle of the hose up with water.
  7. Insert remaining, stationary end of the hose into the skimmer and begin vacuuming.
  8. After you are finished vacuuming re-insert skimmer basket and lid.

Note: If you need to drain water or if there is heavy debris in your pool now would be a good time to vacuum to waste. This will help keep your filter clean by pumping the debris out of your waste line (if one is plumbed) and keeping it out of your filter.

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