Pool Cleaning Service in Apopka

Are you searching for the best swimming pool service in Apopka?

Professional Poolcare has been performing swimming pool maintenance and repairs for the residents of the City of Apopka for over 20 years. Many other swimming pool cleaning companies have come and gone but we have stood the test of time. Our reviews from our past and current pool customers speaks volumes on the stellar swimming pool service that we continually deliver. At the time of writing this, I performed a Google search for swimming pool cleaning service in Apopka. What I found was a few swimming pool companies with very little to no reviews at all. Consumer reviews about products and services are HUGE!! As a consumer myself before I buy a product or use a service I read the reviews from past customer’s experiences. This is a tell tale sign of what you might expect should you choose to hire that swimming pool service and repair company. Check out our latest reviews from Google, Yelp and HomeAdvisor.

We are not perfect by any means but we have way many more customers that are happy with our work than people that aren’t. Of course over the years of servicing swimming pools in Apopka we would have the occasional customer that is unhappy with us from time to time. Although we do our best to make every customer happy, you just can’t please everyone. If I were a consumer judging by our current record we are hands down the best choice for a swimming pool service company in Apopka. Amongst all of the review sites that are out there the Better Business Bureau is the reigning champion of places to go for legitimate feedback from consumers just like you.

Would you believe in all of the areas near Apopka there are only 12 accredited pool service and maintenance companies under the heading of “swimming pool service and repair” category with the BBB? To be accredited with the Better Business Bureau just means that you are serious about sticking around as a business. Companies aren’t required to be accredited but that accreditation says to the consumer that your company is willing to be upheld to the highest standards for consumer happiness and protection. Back in the old days you would have to call the BBB and talk to a representative about the company you were thinking about hiring. Nowadays it’s as simple as clicking this link right here BBB to do a search for the swimming pool service company that you’d like to check out. You can read reviews and see complaints that have been filed.

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Pool Cleaning Service in Apopka – 32712 zip

The 32712 zip code is mainly considered North Apopka. These following subdivisions is just a sample of the areas that we service to give you a good idea.

Errol Estates

We take care of many swimming pools in the Errol Estate subdivision. The golf course in this area is beautiful. I’ve seen some old homes that were build in the 70’s and some really new ones too.

Rocksprings Ridge

The Rock Springs Ridge subdivision is about as far North into Apopka as we like to go to take care of swimming pools but call us and check just to be sure if you live close by. There used to be a decent golf course here but I believe it is now in disrepair. All the more reason to keep your pool in good shape because golf is one less thing to do out here.

Sweetwater West

There are so many swimming pools in the Sweetwater West area that we just love it. We’ve even done a good number of renovations here as well. There is no job too big or too small for us to travel to in Apopka.

Pool Cleaning Service in Apopka – 32703 zip

Apopka Pool Service 32703

The 32712 zip code is mainly considered South Apopka. Here are some subdivisions that have swimming pools that we either currently service of or have serviced in the past.

Wekiva Glen

The homes in Wekiva Glen range from $250k – $350k. This is close to our target market for the average consumer believe it or not.

Bear Lake

There are so many old homes around Bear Lake and we’ve help many a family enjoy there swimming pool after we performed our pool cleaning services for them. It’s a bit difficult to navigate around this big lake but if you call us for help, we’ll figure it out.