Are you ready for a Pool Heater Orlando?

As far back as the first century BC people began enjoying heated swimming pools.  This was when Gaius Maecenas, a rich Roman lord and patron of the arts, built the first heated swimming pool*.  I’m guessing that just as we are feeling a touch of spring in the air here in Orlando, Gaius felt that same way and was ready to take a dip long before the water was warm enough.  Despite our warm Orlando afternoons and sunny days it is not quite swim season and your pool water is likely to be fairly cold.  You can easily extend your swimming season – and start swimming now – by adding a pool heater.  Pool heaters are available in gas or electric varieties and we have extensive experience installing and maintaining them.  If you have a pool heater but it is not working properly, we can easily diagnose and fix the problem.  Please visit our Pool Heating page for photos and descriptions of previous Orlando Heat Pump Installations and Orlando Pool Heater Repairs.  If you would like more information on your pool heater options, please contact Pete at 407-492-7665 or

*Source for Gaius Maecenas