Swimming Pool Service Windermere

Are you looking for swimming pool service Windermere ? We have special pricing for pools in the Windermere, FL  area for weekly swimming pool service. Our prices are very competitive for the service and expertise that you will receive. For screened in pools under 20,000 gallons (which the vast majority of them are) our monthly rate for weekly pool service is just $110. For pools that are unscreened we will need to visit your pool to give you an exact quote. Weekly pool service rates start at $125 for an unscreened pool. We take into consideration the trees that are in the area as well as the swimming pool equipment that we will be working on. Normally these rates are for pools that are 10,000 gallons or below.

One unique thing we have over other swimming pool services is our online system. Our pool service technicians report and record all pertinent information about your pool on a weekly basis. When they finish servicing your pool that day you automatically receive an e-mail from us. You may then log into your account through any internet browser to see your pool service information and know that your swimming pool has been well taken care of. This is especially useful for property managers and homeowners who travel a lot including you snow birds out there.

If you are looking for a swimming pool service in Windermere we are simply the best there is. Professional Poolcare is not just a simple pool cleaning company; we are also a state licensed service and repair company. We have extensive training on much of the high end pool equipment that is installed on these homes. Other pool cleaning companies frequently call us to repair the pools that they service in the Windermere area.

Here is a short list of some of the sub-divisions that we currently have customers in: Isleworth, Reserve at Lake Butler Sound, Keen’s Point, Butler Bay, Bellaria, Chaine Du Lac, Reserve at Belmere, Waterford Pointe, Oxford Moor, Summerport and Glenmuir.

If you’ve done a search for pool service Windermere then I’m sure that you’ve found a list of pool companies that are in the Windermere area. Some of those companies are only licensed to clean pools are not allowed by law to do any sort of repairs to your pool. We have seen some pretty horrible repair nightmares including improper gas heater hookups that could have potentially burned down the homeowners house. Please do your research and go to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation‘s website to verify what type of license they may have if any.

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