Heat Pump Installation: A Central Florida Pool Service

This service call started out as a heat pump repair.  I discovered that the compressor was bad and worked with a local HVAC company to verify the worn compressor.  The cost of repairing/replacing an old compressor is quite high so the homeowner opted to purchase a new heat pump.

As you can see from the picture, I temporarily removed some of the landscaping to access the old heat pump.  Then I installed the new heat pump including all electrical and plumbing hook ups.  When the installation was complete, I replaced the landscaping.

This heat pump was the Pentair ThermaFlo.  The home owner already had an older Pentair model and was happy to stay with this company.  I recommended the ThermaFlo due to its price, dependability and features.

The homeowner is now enjoying a heated pool early in the swimming season.  If you would like more information on electric heat pumps for your pool or a quote for other Central Florida pool services, please contact me, Pete, at 407-492-7665.  I have been repairing pool equipment since 1993.