Pool Service Orlando: A Light Bulb Replacement

Today I changed this burned out pool light bulb.  In general this is a normal repair that does not require pool draining.  Most lights are equipped with enough cord so they can be pulled up onto the pool deck during repairs.

Shown above in the first picture is the light containing the burned out bulb, the new light bulb and the new seal (or pool light lens gasket).  Whenever I change a pool light bulb, I always change the lens gasket.  The pool light lens gasket is important because it prevents water from damaging the light fixture.

The second picture shows the new light bulb working prior to reassembling the light.  If you need help changing your swimming pool light bulbs, I can do this as part of a routine pool service Orlando call ($85 serving the Orlando area).  Light bulbs should only be changed by licensed professionals.  There is the potential to damage the light socket if done incorrectly, turning a service call repair into a $400 repair.