Energy Efficient Pump Installation

Starting July 1st 2011 a new law goes into effect banning the single speed pumps that we have been installing for years here in the Orlando area. The reason for this ban is that these pumps are quite frankly energy hogs compared to the newer energy efficient pumps. The only thing that consumes more electricity at the typical home is the air conditioner. Many pool builders have been putting in bigger and bigger pumps as the years pass by. I can remember when I was just starting out about 20 years ago when almost every pool had just a 1HP pump installed for the circulation pump. Now most pools have at least a 1.5HP pump and some even as high as 3HP on a residential. These pumps run at peak levels for 8-10 hours per day, costing you hundreds of dollars per year to operate. Now there is a better option.

Energy efficient pool pumps have been around for many years. Some pools here in Orlando may have 2 speed pumps or at least they used to. I say that because when it was time to change the 2 speed motor when it finally died the homeowner only saw the initial cost of replacement and not the long term cost. Two speed pumps generally cost about twice the amount to replace. But it’s not until the energy savings is taken into account do you really reap the rewards. The typical 2 speed pump would take around 2 years in its current efficiency rating to pay for itself in the amount of money you would save each month in electricity. Today we still have 2 speed pumps and motors but now we have a variable speed pump and motor to choose from. These pumps and motors are computer controlled and can deliver exactly the right amount of water for optimal flow and minimum energy consumption. We are currently seeing energy saving of up to 90% from a normal single speed pump. Bringing the power consumption to about what a normal incandescent light bulb is. I’m not talking about in a lab. These are actual pumps we have ripped out of homes and installed new variable speed models. We hooked it up to the multimeter and checked for ourselves. If I didn’t see it with my own 2 eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

Forget about the energy savings for a moment. Let’s just talk about the motor itself. They came about from hybrid vehicle technology. These new motors are built to last much longer than the older predecessors. The housing is made from aluminum instead of steel to practically wipe out the issue with rust and corrosion. There is an additional barrier between the water side and the motor internals. No more starting capacitors to blow (if your repair guy even knew how to check them.). The magnets are much more powerful and when it is running it is whisper quite. I mean whisper quiet people.

Do you love what you’re hearing? Well, here’s how you can get a FREE one installed (or very close to free.) We are seeing an average of $60-$85 in savings off your electric bill each month. And we have 12 months 0% financing available on any repair or equipment installation. If you are comfortable paying your current electric bill now, plan in your budget to keep doing so. Have us install a variable speed pump and take the savings from your electric bill and pay the monthly payment for the pump. In 12 months you will have bought a new pump or paid very little out of pocket. Then every year after that you will continue to save money to the tune of $750 – $1000.