Energy Efficient Pool Pump Installation in Orlando

In this video we show the real world performance of the Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pool pump. This pump has been the leader in efficiency for many years in the pool industry. If you have a pool and are looking to save money on your electric bill this pump is a great option for you. Following is our calculations from this particular installation. To help you compare the two pumps we have the single speed pump readings in red and the variable speed pump readings in green.

Single Speed Pump / Variable Speed Pump

Volts = 220 / 220

Amps = 10.7 / 0.8

Watts = 2354 / 176

Hours on per day = 8 / 12

Kilowatt hours per day = 18.832 / 2.112

Electrical cost per day ($.125 per Kwh) = $2.35 / $0.264

Electrical cost per year = $859.21 / Electrical cost per year = $96.36

If you notice you will run the variable speed pump longer than the old single speed pump. The variable speed pump will run on a very low speed setting as compared to the maximum speed on the single speed pump. By running the variable speed pump longer this will allow the same amount of water to pass through your filter on a daily basis.

To further understand how this variable speed pump is so much more efficient I can make an analogy to a car going 55MPH and another car going 100MPH. We all know that the extra wind resistance is what burns up the fuel on the car going 100 MPH. Well a similar type of resistance happens in your pool filter and plumbing, friction loss. So by cutting down the friction loss by going slower you increase the efficiency of the pool pump for filtering water.

So you might ask why not just install a ¼ HP or ½ HP pump for the circulation pump? Well what would you do when you want to backwash, vacuum, or turn on the spa and water features?  You need the ability to ramp up power for these specific times. A variable speed pool pump gives you the ability to do so with water flow precision.

Call us for a quote on your next pool pump repair in Orlando. The areas we cover for pump repairs and installation in Florida is Orange, Seminole & North Osceola counties. This includes the towns of Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Sanford, Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Winter Park, and Windermere.

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  1. What do you charge for a pump install?

    I am getting an inteliflo pump by pentair. Either the Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump or the Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 3HP Pool Pump – 16A 230V – 011017. I have also looked at 011012 model as well.
    Not sure what the difference is between them. Any recommendations?

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