DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 7: Empty Pump Basket

Steps to Empty Pump Basket:

  1. Turn pump off at the timer.
  2. Unscrew the clear lid on the pump.
  3. Empty the pump basket and be sure not to let leaves and debris fall into the pump trap when removing the basket.
  4. Clear any debris from bottom of the trap to avoid clogging the impeller.
  5. Make sure the pump lid o-ring is clean and lubricated with an o-ring lubricant.
  6. Re-insert basket and lock into place.
  7. Screw on the clear lid (not too tight).
  8. Turn the pump on.

The pump should prime up within three to four minutes. Watch the water flowing into the pump trap. You should see the trap filling up with water as the flow returns to normal.

If you do not see any water movement you will need to turn pump off, unscrew lid, add water to the trap, check o-ring for cracks and dirt, reseal the lid and turn pump back on.

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