DIY Orlando Pool Repair and Care ~ Step 8: Clean Filter

Proper filtration will take care of cloudy water and rapid algae growth. The more filtration the better, especially when the water gets warm.

For a screened-in pool under 20,000 gallons you will need to run your filter at least 8 to 10 hours a day. For larger pools, unscreened pools or pools with frequent and multiple users, 12 to 14 hours per day is recommended.

Most filter manufacturers recommend cleaning your filter using the pressure dirt loading method. To do this, clean the filter and record the pressure gauge reading when the pump is on and water is at optimal flow. When your filter gauge reads 8–10 PSI above the clean pressure reading, you will need to clean your filter. For Example: You clean your filter and record a pressure reading of 15 PSI, check your pressure weekly and when your gauge reads 23 PSI you need to clean your filter. This dirt loading method actually polishes your water giving you a sparkling pool.

Instructions for Cleaning Cartridge Filters:

  1. Turn pump off.
  2. Unscrew filter lid.
  3. Pull out filter element and use a hose to spray the debris off element.
  4. Reinsert filter element, being careful of auto air relief tube running through the middle of the tank.
  5. Clean and lubricate filter lid o-ring.
  6. Screw on lid.
  7. Turn on pump.
  8. Record pressure reading.

Instructions for D.E. & Sand Filters:

  1. Turn off pump.
  2. Push down and turn multi-port valve to backwash or pull up plunger on push/pull valves.
  3. Roll out blue discharge hose.
  4. Turn on pump and run until water is clear (approximately one minute).
  5. Turn off pump.
  6. Push down and turn multi-port valve to rinse or push plunger back down.
  7. Turn on pump for about 30 seconds.
  8. Repeat Steps 4 – 7 three or four times.
  9. FOR DE FILTERS ONLY, with multi-port valve in rinse position and skimmer on ¾ to full power, add 1 lb of DE per 5 sq. ft. of filter area into the skimmer (examine label on DE tank for square footage). Let pump run for one minute to pull DE through the pump and into filter tank.
  10. Turn off pump.
  11. Push down and turn multi-port valve to filter.
  12. Turn on pump.
  13. Record the pressure gauge reading when water is at optimal flow.

Note for DE Filters: At least once a year you will need to take the tank apart, clean it out and degrease filter grids. This service usually takes about an hour for a professional.  If you have never done it before schedule a service call with Professional Poolcare by calling 407-492-POOL (7665). We will take care of it for you or walk you through it so you can handle it yourself in the future.

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