Commercial Pool Maintenance Florida

This week in Orlando, I took on a project for a commercial pool pump repair. This was for a large community pool in the west Orlando area in the city of Winter Garden. The scope of work included replacing a large 5 horsepower pump, a broken ball valve, and fix plumbing leaks. Even though our quote wasn’t the lowest of all the bids, the Homeowners Association went with us because of our Professionalism and attention to detail.

Many commercial pools have their equipment stored in a large container called a vac-pac. This container protects the equipment from the elements and unauthorized access. It also makes it a major pain to perform necessary repairs.  This is one time when I was very thankful that I’m a little guy.

The old pool pump was a bronze beast that had been in operation for over 20 years. It was replaced with a high flow rate energy efficient pump that will save the community money on monthly electric costs. Most commercial pool pumps run 24 hours a day so by replacing these old pumps with newer energy efficient models the repairs usually pay for themselves in the first year.

For the broken ball valve replacement the initial quote was for what is known as a gate valve. These valves are commonly used in plumbing and resemble a water spigot. Because we are dealing with corrosive pool water these metal valves are not recommended for pool operations, although they are still used. The first pool repair company quoted them for a gate valve so in order to compare apples to apples the Homeowners Association asked us for the same items. Before installing this valve I gave a call to the HoA President and spoke with him about installing a non metallic butterfly valve. These types of valves are the best valves available for pool plumbing usage. The cost difference of the upgrade was very minimal for a repair of this magnitude, approximately $70. He decided to take my advice and use the butterfly valve. It was a very smart decision because the butterfly valve will outlast the lifespan of the gate valve by 3 or 4 times.

I pride myself on providing high quality work that will last the customer years of trouble free service. We may not always be the lowest quote but we will always be the best decision you ever made for your commercial pool repairs in the Metro Orlando area.

The areas we cover for commercial pool maintenance Florida is Orange, Seminole & North Osceola counties. This includes the towns of Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Sanford, Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Winter Park, and Windermere. Call us for a quote on your next Orlando commercial pool pump repair.

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  1. For a small condo pool, what are mandatory hours of running after pool is closed to guests. Pool presently runs 24hr/day and hardly used.

  2. there is no mandatory hours of run time on pool pumps, but you need to run the pumps enough to maintain chemical levels and debrie removal, ie you may be able to get away with 20 – 30 minutes run time per hour.get with your health inspector as a start they can be a great help. with some work and a timer you might get your pump run time down by 50 to 70 % shutting the pumps off after hours and turning on just before hours is a bad idea pools get dirty in the middle of the night just as in the day time

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