Orlando Pool Filter Valve Repair

We have many unique tools that enable us to work on and repair pool equipment that a vast majority of other Orlando pool repair companies do not have. For this repair, the pool filter valve also known as a multiport valve needed the spring to be changed in order to stop water leaking out of the discharge line.

You will usually find these valves on a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters as well as on sand filters. These valves are used to backwash your filter tank when it gets dirty as well as draining your pool when the water is too high. Over time the metal spring loses its form and has less tension to press the valve down onto the valve seat gasket. This is where the leak occurs. To make the repair and change the spring with just one person is a very frustrating and difficult task for a pool repair service technician without the proper tools. With this multiport valve repair tool it enables us to effortlessly work on your pool filter valve in a matter of minutes.

Other Orlando pool repair companies do not take the time to work on these valves. They simply order the whole valve assembly when just the spring needs to be replaced because they do not have the tools necessary to work on them. Is it that they do not know about these tools or perhaps do not repair enough valves to warrant buying the tools to make these repairs? Who knows and who cares? I’ll tell you who cares, YOU DO! To give you an idea of what I am talking about, a multiport valve key assembly retails for $101.86 versus parts to repair it for under $20. That saves you some serious money. We use these same money saving principles on all of the pool repairs we do in the Orlando metro area.

We know you want functioning pool equipment with the least amount of money out of your pocket. We will always treat your pool repairs with the proper care and attention it deserves. So for complete satisfaction with your pool repairs in the metro Orlando area call a company you can trust, call Professional Poolcare. Our customer service reviews speak for themselves.

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  1. My Hayward, Model C48L2N134B1, 1 1/2 HP got real hot, smoking, loud noise and then stopped. It is about 11-12 years old.

    I am in Chuluota. Do you handle Hayward pumps? Do you rebuild old ones if that is the better option? It is Sunday, 8-22-10



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