Orlando Pool Pump Repair

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For a majority of pool pump repairs we do near Orlando, replacing the motor is needed. Many people are confused with the terms pump & motor. To explain this, I typically make an analogy to a car. Think of your whole car as the pump and the engine of the car as the motor of the pump. So by changing the motor of your pump it would be like changing the engine of your car. You keep the same body and change the “working” part of your pump. We call this a pump overhaul.

To perform a pump overhaul we use a BRAND NEW MOTOR and something called a Go-Kit which has all the new seals, gaskets and o-rings for your make & model pump. This replaces all the vital rubber components that may crack and break down over time. For most pumps the go-kit includes a shaft seal, housing gasket, diffuser o-ring, and trap o-ring. The plastic composite pump housing and basket stay the same. The charge for the go-kit is a little less than $40.

Many other pool companies only change the shaft seal and motor when they do a motor repair. They get your business by giving you a low quote for only replacing the motor and shaft seal. It may cost you a little less at the time of the repair but this can cause a service call on another internal gasket breaking down shortly thereafter. In the long run you are much better off replacing all of these low cost gaskets while the pump is open at the time of motor replacement. How horrible is it to be charged for a return service call only for a $5-$15 part that could have been replaced when they had the motor open?Make sure and compare apples to apples when you get quotes for motor replacements. Ask what is included in the price of the repair.

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