Orlando Salt Water Pool Care and Installation

One of the best things you can do for your pool is to add a salt system. It literally destroys contaminants right in your pipes. All the water that flows through your pipes is super chlorinated. This is happening roughly three times per day. If you are struggling with algae growing back all of the time you will most assuredly want to install a salt system. I have many referrals from people who rarely have to do anything with their pool anymore once this was installed. Once a week you will need to add about a quart of acid and once a month a bag of salt. Every three months check and clean salt cell. Say goodbye to weekly algae brushing and shocking. Say hello to your couch for naptime.

I installed this salt system on a pool in Orlando. It is the very latest on sanitizing your pool with minimal maintenance from the homeowner. Currently this system’s salt cell is one of the best if not the best out there. It is used by a host of different companies for their name brand of salt system. The reason being is that each of the plates in the cell is wired positively and negatively. In older cells they were wired from one side of the cell plates to the other. The improved way of wiring means that a lower current is needed in order to produce chlorine and it cuts down on the scale buildup within the cell.

One important issue with salt water pool care is cleaning the salt cell. In all salt systems to date you need to check and clean the cell with acid once every three months. If this routine maintenance isn’t done you will end up ruining your cell prematurely. Many people either forget or don’t perform this vital cleaning process at all. This model is the only one I know of that automatically acid washes the cell. It also automatically adjusts the pH by adding acid when necessary. All that is needed by the homeowner is to keep a filled jug of acid on the system. You never have to pour acid or handle it except to change from one gallon to another.

Price checked on 9/24/09:
Pinch-a-Penny sells this system for $1599.00
Leslie’s does not carry it at all.
Our price $1395.00

When purchasing a salt system keep these things in mind. The typical charge for a salt system installation is $300. This includes plumbing and electrical hookups. You will also need on average about 400 lbs of salt on startup costing an additional $100.

Some pool stores tout that you will save money on chemicals with a salt system justifying the cost of the system. This is not the case. You still need to buy salt, acid and stabilizer and perform regular salt water pool care. Another thing to note is that these cells need to be replaced on average once every 4-5 years. Just like the plates in your car battery break down and need replacement so do these plates in the cells. Replacement cells cost between $400-$550.

Reasons you may want to buy a salt system:

  1. It is much better for your skin and hair.
  2. You will rarely ever see and fight algae.

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  1. Hi Pete could you please tell me why everyone says that a salt gen. needs to be installed last in line, after the filter , solar heater. and then the salt gen. This does not seem right to me , The cooler the water the better the system works, So can it go last or does it have to go first. Thank You . Mike Alderman aldrepair@aol.com

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