Pool Heater Repair in Orlando


Is your pool or spa heater on the fritz?  This pool heater repair was done to a Sta-Rite Max-E-Term Heater.  A common problem with digital auto ignition heaters is circuit board issues.  It seems like everything has a computer controlled circuit board in it nowadays.  This problem came about because the plastic cover broke off and the protective overlay wore away.  Rain penetrated the holes (shown on the right of the 1st picture) and corroded the board.

In my opinion this is a poorly designed heater.  Although it heats water perfectly well, the circuit board is placed on the very top of the heater where moisture and rain can easily cause damage.  I make this repair on this model heater all the time.  I did two of these repairs in the very same neighborhood this week because they had the same pool builder that put in the exact same equipment at right about the exact same time.  Coincidence?I think not.
Because we have been here since 1993 we know what pool equipment is built to last.  Most importantly, we’re not afraid to tell you.

We are Orlando’s most affordable pool heater repair company.  Our service call is still $94.99 compared to most others over $125.  I do all of the heater repair calls myself.  And our prices will always beat any store located in the Greater Orlando Area.

Currently, we perform pool heater repairs around Central Florida including: Windermere, Dr. Phillips/Bay Hill, Ocoee, Orlando, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Winter Park, Winter Springs, & Lake Mary.

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