Poolcare Orlando: Chlorinator Leaking

Do you have a leak on your pool chlorinator?  This is a common problem that can be solved by checking your chlorinator o-ring.  This Hayward chlorinator is notorious for leaking around the lid once the o-ring fails.  If you have a chlorinator that looks like this expect to change this o-ring once every 6 months.

To check & change the o-ring:

  1. Take the lid off the chlorinator (sometimes it will be locked down and you will need a big pipe wrench to move it.)
  2. On the top of the lid is a little disk. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the disk and you will see a plastic nut underneath it.
  3. Use the same flathead screwdriver to remove the nut.
  4. Separate the cover from the cover cap.  This may be difficult if the o-ring gets jammed between the two pieces.
  5. You may need to use the screwdriver to pry them apart.  Be careful not to break the plastic pieces.
  6. Check the o-ring for cracks and make sure that it sits snug around the cover.
  7. Replace & lubricate the o-ring with a silicone based lubricant. Do this once a month or when the cover becomes hard to unscrew.

If you have a Hayward chlorinator I would suggest buying a couple of these o-rings at a time because you will be changing this time and time again.

We install chlorinators but I steer clear of Hayward chlorinators because they give our clients more trouble than some other models that are out there.

A couple of my favorite brands are the Rainbow Lifeguard chlorinator and a beefier model made by a company called CMP that are great for any poolcare Orlando needs.

2 thoughts on “Poolcare Orlando: Chlorinator Leaking”

  1. Thank you so much for you advice. You are the first to walk me through the process. I didn’t even know that the disc on the top came off.

    Thanks again

  2. My Hayward clorinator is leaking through the top of the bolt cap not the cap itself. How to stop the leak? Replace the two bolt plastic disks?

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